The Name Game

Really, I should not be allowed to name anything, seriously, I can never stick with anything. My poor pets, stayed confused, and honestly so did I.
I knew I wanted a blog, if nothing else to track this adventure that is my life. And prayer support! I greatly appreciate the prayers of my friends, and do not forget you when praying.
So, there I was, me and my little indecisive self; trying to think up a name for a blog. So, I will now explain my silly blog title, and I hope that maybe it convicts you (at least a little) like it did me.

A man was speaking about Jesus, explaining about His life, His death, and His resurrection, about the hope and salvation that He offers. The man explained that God wanted to be close to people, so close that they were “Eating Off the Same Plate.” (Yup, there it is.) I liked that concept; it made me think of Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock in Two Weeks Notice. Yes, please eat my tomatoes for me -just get them off my plate asap!

I liked it for the moment, thought maybe it would work. I mean seriously, it seemed like a nice warm fuzzy God moment to me; let’s put a stamp on it and call it official.

And then I went home. A family was visiting from California just friends, but really more like family. There were two little boys, one 6 and one 4; cute, as all get out. One decided he liked me, and sat in between me and Hannah at Lamberts, a crazy big all you can eat restaurant. (It was awesome, he caught my rolls for me! I love him!)

Midway through the meal I looked down to see a little hand steal away a carrot from my plate. I looked over at Teddy, his big brown eyes smiling at me, “I never had a carrot like that before.” He continued to steal away pieces of lettuce from my sister’s plate throughout the meal. It was comically adorable.
And that is when it struck me. God is asking me to share my plate with more than just Him. And sometimes, it will not be with people as cute as Teddy. And sometimes it will not be at a place of over abundance like Lamberts. And, deep breath, sometimes my offer of sharing will be met with hard hearts.
So, there you have it friends. Sharing- a kindergarten concept that does not seem to get any easier the older I get. But then, when I think about Jesus, and I remember how He died, I am reminded this life is not about being easy.

My life is about knowing Jesus, and encouraging others to know Him. Why? Well, when you have something as good as "the peace that passes all understand way down in the depths of your soul," you just want others to have it too.

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