Preparing the Basket

It always amazes me, how faithful God is in repeating himself. How patient He is with me until the lesson is not just in my head, but also in my heart. There are times, when I think He is beginning a new lesson only to find that once again we are reviewing. But that is the beautiful thing about God and His Word even when only reviewing there is something entirely new and precious to soak into my heart.

Faith is one of those subjects; just when I think I have got it down and I am good to go, God taps me on the shoulder and says, “Oh but there is more.”

I love Moses’ mother. How amazing was she? The act of putting her child in a basket, watching him float down a river, and wondering what was going to happen to him. The story absolutely fascinates me.

I have read and reread the account. What an act of self-sacrifice. It is hard enough for most mothers to just watch their child grow; giving their child up -to the river nonetheless is unthinkable. Don’t you know her heart was breaking? What an unnatural act for a mother, what a brave stand for God. What kind of faith she had, that would evoke that sort of action!

In truth though, as amazing as her story is, she is remembered for her faith not for her action. It is by faith that she hid him, by faith she saw he was unusual, and by faith she and her husband were not afraid of the king’s edict.

The hero of the Hall of Faith is always God, for He is the one in whom they have put their trust. The actions of the names stated are only a testimony to the awesome power of the one true God.

I am a doer, so when I read the Bible, I always ask myself, “What can I do to live this passage out in my life?” Upon my first reading, I decided that I was to watch my future float away, in faith of course. But my heart was unsettled with that understanding and God reminded me that my future had already been given to Him. Apparently you cannot re-gift things you have already given away; and He was not interested in what He already had, He wanted more of me than that.

I cannot tell you how many times I have read the account. Finally, in frustration I told God he was just going to have to spell it out for me nice and slow, loud and clear. What an amazing God I serve that He would answer such a whiney child, not only in love, but unfailing love.

There is a song about Moses’ mother that has recently become one of my favorites. In it she says, “You must live, I must give you to His heart.”

How simplistic and how complex, faith is not just a matter of action, but of the heart. It is not a question of what I am going to do for God, but one of what am I presently doing for Him. And the even bigger question -why I am doing it?

Faith is not just about living paycheck to paycheck. It is more than giving blindly and hoping for a miracle. It is recognizing every moment as s gift, and praising God for them. Faith is giving of yourself, even when your heart is breaking. It is obeying, even when what God has called you to do is completely opposite of your natural behavior (sometimes even talents). Faith is giving your self to the heart of God, so that you are like him not just in what you do but how you think, what your heart is drawn to.

Faith is less of me, more of Him.

It is losing your self in the midst of becoming like Christ, and finding yourself, as you should be: transformed.

The future is unknown to me, but it is not unwritten. And just like Moses’ mother acted on faith, when she gave her son to God, so must I daily give my self to His heart.

And just like His mother, my future is uncertain, however my not knowing should not deter me from the task at hand. I am sure that many tears were shed as she poured her heart into the basket. Her heart must have ached as she thought of all the things in her son’s life that she would miss. All the while diligently working on the task at hand knowing that basket had to be sturdy. There was no sink or swim in this situation. Her child’s life rested completely in her faith in God.

Similarly my future rest in my faith in God not in what I am going to do for him; but what He is doing through me. How can I get to know Him today so that I will be more like Him tomorrow?

I know that I am His, and I know that He will provide, but if that is the depth of my faith it is a shallow one. Faith is preparing the basket, obeying even if through tears.

Understanding that the horrible sinful state of this world does not deter from His goodness.

You see, sometimes God calls us to throw the net out without giving us the assurance of fish. Sometimes He tells us to go back to where we have already been or scarier yet somewhere that we have never been before. There are times when He calls us to do things that honestly make no sense at all.

I am uncertain of myself; I am a little scared of the future. I have no idea what I am working towards. I have no assurance that my future is going to work out in any certain way. (Neither do you I might add.) But I must remain faithful to the task at hand; a basket does not make it self.

Faith practiced without transformation is no faith at all. Faith is the working out of salvation in fear and trembling. Faith is the assurance that God will never leave you nor forsake you.

The future is scary; but like Moses’ mother I am acting in faith. I am where I am meant to be, on a journey.

And when I end up where I am going, and I find myself doing what I supposed to do, I will know that I got there by faith; and even more exciting I will be more like Jesus because of it.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Lizzie...thank you for sharing this! I feel the same way so often, and God has been teaching me a lot about faith in Him over the past few months. I can only describe where I'm at as...uncomfortable...(yet so peaceful) because I'm growing and seeking each day what God has to teach me and how He wants to change me. I'm praying for you as you follow Him through your journey!


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