Ten, Nine, Eight...

Seven days, means one week. Anybody want to pack for me?

Today I went to North Arkansas College's campus to speak the BCM about Nehemiah Teams. (I have really come to love the story of Nehemiah, you should read it if you haven't yet.)

And of course, the highlight of my dad was skyping with my nephews. Shamoo and and a great white shark swam across the screen, knock knock jokes told, and of course my favorite 'skype kisses' given. I love those boys, they are so much fun to talk with.

The day ended with my mom, and my dad and I having roasting hot dogs outside on a fire; and making smores (with dark chocolate, SO GOOD). And now Hannah is home, and we are going to watch something on Netflix. 

As overwhelmed as I feel, I am also humbled. I have abundant life, a good God, and and am so thankful for the life that is mine. I am so undeserving. 

*******Please continue to pray for my niece Lila, that she gain weight. For my sister, that she get well enough to get off the blood pressure medicine. And for the Hurley family as a whole, as they are moving this week. And please remember me in your prayers as well, as I attempt to fit two years of life into two suitcases. 

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