The Fullness of Joy

I like where I am. That is not to say that life is without it’s challenges. Everyday brings about new trials. Every morning requires a renewed determination of faith.

How thankful I am for the written Word of God. Unchanging truth. My rock solid foundation.

So often it is easy to lose sight of that hope. That hope that is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness.

When one first moves to a new place there is an awkward stage of adjustment, of learning. Nothing is how one thinks it should be; some things are better. And something seem perhaps a little questionable. It is a hard time, sometimes even frustrating. Most definitely an overwhelming time; but what an opportunity to lean on Jesus’ name.

Small victories are celebrated. Like being understood. Taking the correct public transportation (and finding yourself where you meant to be).  Cutting  meat with a fork and a spoon without any of it flying across the room. Remembering that the tissue goes in the trashcan. (Talk about trying to teach an old dog new tricks!) Getting all the soap out of the hair. (Bucket baths are a skill, that must be refined!)

Simple victories won. Encouragement to continue on.

My God is good. I like where I am because I am where He sent me. I like where I am going because He is with me on my journey.

His words, they are my prayers. His words they are my hope. They are my foundation. It is by His word that I lean on Him. By His word that I live and breath.

But the same holds true for you; if your life does not make you run to Jesus it should be revaluated. If your hope can be restored without His word you should most likely question it. If you are finding comfort in anything other than the shepherd’s rod than you know nothing about comfort.

Do not build a house on the shore, and watch your inheritance be washed away. Build your life on the rock; let His words be your refuge.

The fullness of joy awaits!

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