Just Outside My Door

     This little gal was in the court yard right outside my door chowing down on the grass. Actually she was working as a lawn mower. When I came home from being in town, she was right in front of my door. I was so scared she wouldn't move and that I would be stuck waiting for my door to be unblocked. Thankfully she was restless and I got into my room much faster than I thought I would.   
    Sometimes, I wonder if God gets a kick out of my prayer life, because lately I find myself praying about the strangest things.

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  1. Have you ever gotten convicted about forgetting to pry before eating? You start eating and think "oops...I forgot to give thanks" Maybe you haven't, I have. Anyway, when I first moved here, my hot water didn't work so well, so I had a lot of cold/non-existant showers. When I had a hot shower, I thought "oops...I forgot to give thanks." I think that was a first :-)


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