Pride Like a Splinter

It seems that it has been a season of being stripped away of pride. I am ashamed and embarrassed to say that the more layers God stripes away of pride; the more pridefulness I find. The more I see of God in my life, the farther I see I have to go to be like Him. (It is funny how that works, the more I know of God the more I see I am not like him; the more I have of God the more strength and desire I have to be like Him.)

I feel like a kid with well-stuck, deep down splinter. Arm out, teeth clenched, eyes shut tight. Pain is inevitable. There is no question, that sucker is going to hurt to take out. But it has to come out.

Pride is such an ugly thing. Detestable even.

The fact that I am still surprised by my own sinfulness should be my first clue to the fact that pride is eating away at my insides. The problem with pride is that it rots the soul away from the inside out. It fools the man into forgetting his hopeless state. There is something about pride that tricks man into forgetting that he is created.

Again, and again God continues to bring me back to the word created. He caused people to happen. He molded some dust and then breathed life into and made man. He plucked a rib from the man, and made a woman.

Everything we have is because God caused us to happen. We owe Him everything.

The car we think we own, the house we pretend to own, the life we try to afford- none of it is in fact our own. Man does not just owe Him our tithe; we owe Him our every breath.

What a humbling thing to be created. What an amazing gift to be called a child.

I am not worthy of the life that I have been given. I was entitled to nothing, and given everything.

If the thought of salvation puffs you up, than you should be ashamed. If you pride yourself in holiness than the truth is that you do not know what holy is. And if you are holding up your righteousness comparing it to others, you have forgotten all you have is filthy rags. If heaven brings you a quiet comfort with no desire to share the way, than what business do you have with the directions?

There is not room for pride in a life that is lived like Christ.

The message, that the Creator became like the created and humbled himself all the way to death on the cross; does not imply that man was worthy of His death, By no means should the message of the cross bring pride to a believer; but tears that a loving creator had to go to such a great measure to bring back His beloved.

It is with timid boldness that I walk; with humility and joy that I live. It is with the confidence of Christ that I speak.

I am unworthy even to be His servant, and yet He calls me daughter.

I have no good apart from God, nothing to be proud of except for the goodness of the God that I am allowed to share with others.


  1. Love love love this post! Thank you so much for sharing what He's doing in your life because it resonates so much with me. I miss you!!

  2. I have been praying for God's will in a matter before me. I can see now that I have really been praying for God to do my will, what I want. I know now that I must say good bye and know that it is God's will. Thank you, Lizzie, for helping me to see what God's been telling me but I was to wrapped up in what I wanted to listen.


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