This morning, my little sister and I woke up at early and drove home from Fort Smith. I had not even gotten out of the when I received news that my grandmother was even worse and was being taken to the hospital. We sat down, ate breakfast as a family, and my parents left for Fort Smith. Hannah, Damian, and I followed a little while later. 

   God has been showing me and teaching me about His everlasting kindness. I prayed and I asked for a good visit with my grandmother, I never imagined how many good visits I would have, or how good they would be. You know, I understand everlasting kindness in terms of salvation. I can see, that everyday why I do not deserve Him. But what amazes me more than anything, what humbles my soul and revives me heart is that His everlasting kindness does not just mean a place in heaven. His everlasting kindness means, that even on earth He treats me like His daughter. Even on earth He gives me a glimpse into what it means to know Him and be blessed. If He can bless me this much in my sinful state, I can not even begin to imagine the goodness that awaits when my sins are gone. 

   I will not bore you with the details of what made the visit so good. But I will say, that when she looked me in the eye and called me by my name, that was one of many unexpected acts of everlasting kindness from God. 

   I am so thankful for a kind Father whose kindness is not bound to my understanding of the word.

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