Please be praying for...

My Family as we say goodbye to one of the best grandmothers in the world. It was decided this weekend that she would be put in hospice. Please especially pray for my mom, who bears the brunt of the family's stress. I am so thankful for the visits that I had with Rosemary, and praise God for her life.

The Hurley's as they begin life in a new city. The boys are enjoying being able to play outside again. Please also pray that Lila gains the weight she needs, and that Cara continues to heal and can get off the blood pressure medicine.

Safe Travels. Tuesday morning early begins a long trip. Thankfully most of the trip will be made with a friend who is also going to the Philippines. Please also pray that my luggage it. 

Saying Goodbye. I just don't like 'em. What else is there to say?

Language & Culture Shock. Remember when you were a freshman? Or when you were the new kid at school and did not know a soul? That is how I will feel, only I also will have the vocabulary of baby...not even a toddler. Please pray for a quick adjustment and and a readiness to learn. (And the humility and confidence to practice my language skills with the people I meet.)

Friends. I like people, I like it when people like me back. Please pray that I will meet people that I can build relationships with and just enjoy life with. 

New Hope Baptist Church is having a revival. Please pray for them as they reach out to their community, neighbors, and friends. 

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  1. Dear Lizzie,

    I'll be praying for you tomorrow as you start your journey to the exciting adventure God has in store for you! I am so excited to hear about all the things you are going to experience, the ways you will get to share, and the unique opportunities to grow even closer to Him you will have. You are one super duper beeee-autiful and amazing lady, and I'm blessed to know you! Have a safe trip! :)


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