It Is Time To Be Thankful

   I realized for the first time today, that it feels like Christmas. An odd sensation, but a welcome one. Maybe it was because I spent some of my afternoon giving my neighbors the pictures I had taken of them. (Much to my pleasure, Filipinos love picture taking as much as I do.)

   Of course, it cannot REALLY be Christmas until Thanksgiving has been celebrated. So, this is my list of thankfulness. This list is very Lizzie-ish and in no order what so ever.

1. Lila. My one and only niece. I knew early on Ike had middle child written all over him, and I am so thankful that Billy’s prayer was answered. I think God knew our family needed a cute little pink bundle of blessings this year. I cannot wait to meet her.

2. Coca-cola. In a GLASS bottle. They will even put it in a bag for you, if you ask. It is my childhood all over again, except now I do not have to ask mom and dad for it! Cause I’m buying!

3. Pan De Pugon, my favorite place in Butuan. A bakery. Fresh baked bread. Amazing cinnamon rolls. Chocolate sweet bread. Mango shakes. Seriously, I love this place. Oh and they have a breakfast menu that makes me happy. Apparently, I love fried eggs. I did not know that until moving here.

4. C2 Green Tea. Apple, Peach, Berry…there are more….and they are all wonderful. (Thanks to Megan for introducing me to it.)

5. I am most thankful, that I serve a God who talks to me. Who nudges me with His rod, and reminds me that He is with me. Life is challenging, and I don't always have the beset motivation or attitude.  I fuss, complain, and sometimes even scold God. And than He speaks back. I serve a living and loving God, there is nothing better than that.

6. I am so thankful that God was so kind as to give me a texting buddy. When class is hard, when life is frustrating, when I just need to know someone else is overwhelmed too…I text Megan. Seriously, a blessing.

7. Family. I think if life were a contest, my family would win. Okay, biased yes, but I am also just simply thankful. I love them.  (Damian, you are included in this sentiment…maybe next year you will even make it in the pictures.)

8. The food Chicken Barbecue, ummm… it is amazing. Love. Love. Love it!

9. Ate Mimi and her (whole) family. Goodness, what a huge blessing. There are just not words. I thank God for them.

10. Since moving to the Philippines, I have been so humbled by all my sweet friends who care enough about me to read my silly blog and receive my very Lizzie-ish newsletter. It is your faithfulness in giving that allows me to be here. It is your prayers that encourage me to continue. Please realize that I do not take you for granted, but treasure you in thankfulness. And pray for you, and of course LOVE you.

So, now with thankfulness out of the way, I make a ruling that Christmas begins. (Christmas began here in September, so actually I am behind. )


  1. Sounds like things are going great for you in the Philippines! I love seeing all your pictures and reading your stories on your blog. Yes, they are all very Lizzie-ish. Now that Christmas has officially started for you, what's Christmas like in the Philippines? You will have to put some pictures of that too.

  2. I love your blog...and you way more! I love Lizzie-ness :) Thank you for your honest thoughts because they really are the same as mine much of the time. I love having you as a friend, knowing we're experiencing much of the same aspects of God as we experience much of the same struggles and joys. I love you, friend!


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