Taking Comfort

It is funny the places we go to for comfort, the people we look to for acceptance; the identity that we try to maintain. We work so hard to please ourselves, to stay happy, or at least to keep going until…the next thing that makes us run for comfort. Instead of lasting peace, we look for a happy right now.

All week long I have looked forward to going to a certain place, and hiding. Just for a little while, I wanted to forget that I am a language student. (I am so tired of butchering it.) Just for a moment I wanted to forget that in a crowd I stick out like a sore thumb. (I am considered quite tall here. Oh yeah, and white.) I was looking for some kind of comfort, looking forward to making myself happy, or at least to keep myself going until….the next thing that will make me run for comfort.

And then this morning happened. Not all days start off well. In fact some days start off kind of like a nightmare.

I was sleeping; when I felt a thump on my head. I lazily picked it up, and then not so lazily threw it down. It was slimy. It was moving. It was a frog. (They like to sit outside my door, and apparently I let one in.) To make a long sad story, a short one, I ended up enlisting Troy to be my hero. And what a good hero he was. Seriously, I praise God for that boy.

It took a frog on my head to remind me that the only comfort worth seeking is Jesus.

He is. The only place to take refuge. The only acceptance my soul needs. The only identity worth working to maintain.

Everyone on this earth needs comfort. Whether it be forgiveness, refuge from bad memories, or shelter from the life storm that is raging today.

As easy as it to find comfort in a cup of coffee, a bowl of Blue Bell, or an old friend; I encourage you to take comfort in Jesus.

He breathes life in to weary souls, He brings hope. Perhaps most comforting, He forgives. And His comfort is lasting.

Lasting because even when I fail to remember, He is faithful to remind.
Lasting because even when I do not live worthy of His name, He is worthy.
Lasting because there is comfort in living without condemnation.

Next time you go running for comfort, in need of a refuge. Run to Jesus. Take comfort in the peace that is knowing Him. So that...

"...the God of hope will fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope." Romans 15:13

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