Thoughts On Love

      This past Friday, I spent most of my day talking about love. In the morning I did a devotional for a children’s camp. Preschool – 6th grade and over 200 kids. Talk about exciting times. Then in the evening, I was part of a panel discussion at Southern Philippines Baptist Theological Seminary for the college students. The title: True Love Waits.

      It was me, a 73 year old expert on Family Planning, and a Pastor and his wife answering questions and discussing our views on the matter of love. And waiting, of course. Interesting to say the least. All this talk about love, has made me think. And although I am well aware that I am no expert, here are my thoughts on love and the likes…

  • I think we all agree that “true love waits.” The problem though, is in how each of us defines each of the words. What is true? How do you exactly define love? And what precisely are you waiting on? I think, and this is just my opinion, that all to often waiting is looked at as an active and aggressive sport.  Perhaps my personality is too passive. Maybe I am too old fashion. And perhaps I know nothing about love. But maybe while waiting, we should actually wait more and leave the active and aggressive part to God. Just a thought.
  • Love for a man or woman is no substitute for God’s love. So many people are waiting for their true love and ignoring God’s love. So many people are cheapening God’s sweet merciful love, by filling up their prayer life with begging. God’s love is good. God’s love is big. No man can out do God. Not to be dramatic, but people need to stop waiting for true love when God’s love is the truest love of all. And probably the most disregarded. Besides that but marriage is a gift, it is not a must. If you are married are you still thankful? Are you still treating your spouse as a gift? If you are still waiting, are you becoming impatient? Are you frustrated that God has not given you what you deserve? I think I can speak for everyone, when I say, PRAISE GOD that He does not give us what we deserve.

  • We know love, because God taught us love. He demonstrated it for us on the cross. He taught us how we should live when he died on that cross. I fail to live up to His sacrifice everyday. I guard my comfort. I complain about injustice. (My own, of course, not some noble cause.) In short, I protect myself. That is not love. Love risks personal safety, it allows for discomfort. It worries not for itself but for the beloved.  I want to live for the beloved and not for myself. I want to worry, not for myself but for my beloved. I want God’s beloved to be my beloved.  I want His love to be my theme. 
  • Love makes people stupid. It makes them say stupid things. Do stupid things. Give stupid things. Pretty much just be stupid in general.  The thing is though, is that if the love you are giving (or receiving) is not making you better, if it is making you worse. Than it is probably not really love. And if it is not really love why are you even bothering? (In other words, stop wasting time being stupid.)
  • I choose to blame Disney. For all the daydreaming, fairytales, and fantasies that so many girls are clinging to these days. I have to admit that I worry sometimes, if all our daydreams will just make us discontent with reality. Are we waiting on some sort of spark, when we should be building a friendship? Are we worried about lighting a fire when we should be praying for Godly man’s fire to be lit? I do not know, but like I said, I blame Disney.
  • Some people are just plain old in love with love. They do not care who it is, they just need someone to love. If you are one of these people, Stop it! You don’t need someone all the time. The only someone you need all the time is Jesus.
  • This is a lizzified translation (because I do not have a good enough memory to get the quote right, or remember the woman’s name) of what the sweet lil Family Planner lady said, “Sex is not the beginning of love. Physical touch should not be the initiator of love.” I am forgetting half of the quote, and this might sound like common sense. But let us be honest, sometimes if common sense were not stated oh so very clearly, it would not be quite so common and neither would make so much dang sense.
  • I have been thinking a lot about the Bible’s love chapter. Sometimes I feel like I am just a noisy clanging gong. The other day, in frustration, I prayed, “Oh God gimme some love.” And you know what, He did. But it was not just for me, it was for me to share.
And my final thought…
  • How do we show God that we love Him? Easy, we love each other. And we even act like it.

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