The What, Where, and How of Eating (Lunch)

   The What is rice, topped with whatever I am feeling for the day. So far my favorite thing has been something that was orange and green with fish. It was super yum. The people who work in the canteen are super sweet and patient with my language skills. 
I usually point at everything, asking what it is (Everyone usually gets a kick out of this part as my pronunciation is usually a bit... okay far off.) and then decide and point to it and just say "This please." 
If I eat dessert, I eat what is called a banana-cue. They are amazing, especially hot off the fire.

The Where is the Student Canteen. I eat with the students every weekday. I am enjoying getting to spend time getting to know them. Please pray that I can be used by God in my new friends life.


  The How is all about teamwork. The fork helps scoot the food onto the spoon. (Some people refer to it as a bulldozer, but that is not very dainty sounding. So I choose 'scoot.' ) The spoon helps get the food to your mouth. Yay, for teamwork!
I have finally gotten to the point that I do not feel overwhelmed when served a piece of meat and expected to eat it with a fork and a spoon. However I will always prefer eating in the company of friends, where it is more than okay to dig into the meat with your hands. 
And I really love when I can mix vinegar, soy sauce, kalamansi (a small citrus fruit), and hot peppers together to eat with my rice. It is crazy good. (Dad you would like it!)

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  1. Lizzie! Thanks for sharing the pictures and stories about everyday life! It is fun to see how you experience a day, and helps me understand a little more about where you are and the people He is allowing you to meet and spend time with! It is also so cool to put faces with the requests I am lifting up! I am continuing to lift you up, to lift up the precious people He puts in your path each day, and all the adjustments that come with being there! I know He will give you continued patience, strength, and joy as you grow to learn the culture and the people, and serve and share each day! Love you lots...I'm getting so excited to see what kind of adventures and learning He might have in store for me this year! lol :)


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