Like Being a Celebrity

Living here is kind of funny sometimes, I forgot how different I look until it is pointed out to me. I walk down the street and people yell, "Americano!", "Joe!", and no matter the time of day, "Good Morning Mam!" One little girl (after a nice little conversation and having said our goodbyes) ran down the street behind me yelling over and over again, "Your skin is white." At first I tried nodding politely...and tried answering her back...but she just kept yelling it. And in truth, what is the correct response to that? "Thank you" seems a little silly. "I know" seems a little prideful. And, "You are making me uncomfortable by not only stating the obvious but YELLING the obvious." seems a well, downright rude.

I am trying to come to turns with this newfound stardom. I am not comfortable with it yet. At all. Sometimes it is cute. Sometimes it is funny. Sometimes it is just downright claustrophobic. I am not the kind of person that likes attention...and here I can not get away from it. I have always been a behind the camera kind of girl, but somehow my camera is not big enough here to hide me.

I have been asked for my autograph. And, have become accustomed to children walking up to me and touching me and more often than not running away. It made me laugh the other day when a mother was embarrassed because her daughter came up and rubbed my arm and was gone in a flash. I just laughed, it happens all the time. I think they want to see if my white is powder and if it will rub off.

It is pretty common to find me in the center a group of kids. Asking all sorts of questions. They are not ashamed, and would put some reporters to shame. I have learned to answer slowly, and laugh with them. To enjoy their humor, and to remember that personal space is actually not vital to living. (Although really it is, I am just trying to sound like I have adjusted more than I have. I mean eventually, personal space is a must for survival...right...oh wait is that just an American ideal? Oh well.)

Above is a pic of my adoring public...aren't they cute? You would not believe the stuff they think of to say. And to ask. Grabi!


  1. Haha, Miss Lizzie, I enjoy reading your writing. Don't let your newfound stardom get to your head! ^_^

  2. Oh Lizzie, I love the picture! And your precious fan club! lol :) I'm still lifting you up, and can't wait to keep reading your updates! I was supposed to go to the meeting last month, but a health concern came up, and now I have to wait a bit. I'm asking Him for His perfect timing though, and for patience, and peace in my heart. It is longing to go, but I know He will open the door again if it is His will. I'm glad I can say I know a celebrity! ;)


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