Observations, Thoughts, and Confessions

Okay, really this is just en excuse to talk about me. (Okay and share my overwhelming wealth of opinions!)
  • Spelling in English is hard enough. Spelling in Sibuhano kills me. And spelling sort of matters because it is all phonetical, so if I misspell it I also mispronounce it. 
  • Raisins should not be in cinnamon rolls. There should be a law against it. And I regret buying a pack of 6 before realizing I felt so strongly about this issue.
  • Culture is sort of a beast. It’s a worldview. When two cultures butt up against each other friction is inevitable. I often, have to (just like Momma always said to do) take a deep breath, sit down, and think.  I ask myself, “Is this something that goes against what I believe is right? Or against what the Bible says?” There are times when even though I do not like something, I have to go with it. Majority rules, it is not morally wrong, and well you know I did not come here to stay in America. Sometimes, though in light of any culture you have to realize, this is a moral issue and does not align with Scripture. Culture is a beast because it is comforting. It is what people are used to. And let's just be honest, it is easier to be a sinner than a saint. Well...for me it is anyway.
  • I seriously love the story of Jonah. (More on that in my April newsletter…if you don’t receive it, email me at n.teams52@gmail.com and I will add you to my list of the coolest people on earth.)
  • I miss my gramomma. There are times when I get excited to tell her something and I realize she is not a phone call away anymore. Or I see a bracelet that would make her eyes light up and do her little I am so pretty stance...and realize she has no need for earthly silliness. This makes me even more thankful for Barbie and Gramps. (Who I really need to call and catch up with.)
  • Going in terms of missions is a great thing. Sometimes going on mission implies going to church. Teaching children. Teaching teenagers. Teaching young people. Investing in lives. Having a Bible study outside of the norm church times. The fact that you have not heard the call to go far away, in no way exempts you from missions. I have come to the conclusion that the question is not an "IF?" but a "WHERE?" -Jesus taught as He went maybe it is as simple and easy as that.
  • I like my family. I mean, grant it, I also love them. But to be honest I am more thankful that I like them than that I love them. And the older I get the more I hear my mother’s words coming out of my mouth; and my father’s personality and body language coming out when I speak to groups. If I did not like them, I would be hating on myself all the time. Praise God for likable parents.
  • One of the things I LOVE about the Philippines is it has a (plastic) bag (like a grocery one) for everything. Well okay, maybe not everything, but they have the teeniest tiniest bags to put things in. I love it. And you can go to the pharmacy and buy one pill. So much cheaper than a whole box. And of course you get the cute little teeny tiny bag to carry it in.
  • Now for a confession. I just realized I am wearing stripes and plaid. Maybe I should go change.

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  1. The fact that you have not heard the call to go far away, in no way exempts you from missions.
    How true, Miss Lizzie. Sometimes we miss the trees nearest to us in the forest because we are looking towards the distance.


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