Oh Me of Little Faith!

The ice cream man stops to listen to a story from the Bible.
   When we first arrived in Bohol, finding a good time for VBS and Health Camp was difficult.  It seem there were so many distractions and disruptions. Small things, but nonetheless frustrating.

    So, I was not at all  surprised when on the very first day as the children sat attentively listening to Teacher, Rudelynn, when the ice cream man came strolling in ringing that infernal bell of his.

   I knew at that moment that VBS was a lost cause. The children had already been having a lot of trouble understanding the concept of a class and teaching. They were not used to being made it listen. I had been surprised when they even sat down to listen at all.

   I suppose at that moment, I classified as an "oh ye of little faith." I was absolutely convinced that his incessant ringing of the bell would distract the children. That ice cream would be more alluring than God's word. It was a total disaster. Immediately, I began to pray. I was tired of distractions. Frustrated with things taking up time. I was praying, but more out of frustration than out of faith. 

   God is funny though. And much to my shock and amazement, the ice cream man stood awhile. Bell at his side almost as if forgotten. Than he put down his ice box, sitting down on it, listening while Rudelyn continued teaching uninterrupted. Later she said laughing to me, "I must be a good teacher! Even the ice cream man listened!" She was right, she is a good teacher. All I could do was smile though, and I say what later became our mantra, "Praise God!"

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  1. aw, oh wow. this is so sweet. did the kids buy ice cream after the lesson? ;)


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