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This summer, I had the oppurtunity to live with the Ati Tribe for two weeks. I stayed in a tent with the other two girls on my team, that was set up in front of the chieftain's house. Here are some interesting facts and observations from my time with my new friends.

      1. A cold coke was closer than running water. A hot coke was even closer.

Just carrying the water to our campsite.
      2. Thier marriage ceremony begins with the bride wearing a basket of fruit on her head. She runs around a circle a certain amount of times while being chased by her prospective husband. Only if he can catcher her does he get to marry her.

      3. On arrival, we sat talking with the chieftain. We asked were the CR was, and in response some general directions was given and a wave of the hand to a "over there." Not very specific, but directions are never very specific here. Later we learned he was pointing past everything to the river. There was no CR.

      4. The Ati Tribe before the Spaniards came and brought the Catholic religion prayed to the dwarves that lived at the bottom of the trees.  Now however, a statue of Jesus as a child, and of Mary the Holy Mother are displayed on a bamboo shelf outside of the cheiftain's house.

    5. The Ati's livlihood is tourism. They dress in traditional Ati clothing, jump through rings a of fire, and breath fire all for tips. They are not paid except for the tips that are left in the donation box by the tourists.

John jumping through the ring of fire
    6. They are hunters. They would often catch birds, snakes, and lizards and use them as displays in their show. Then that evening they would fry it up for dinner.

Marcilee and a lizard that supposedly tase like chicken
    7. The Ati Tribe are darker skinned than the average Filipino and are considered to be black. 

Team Member (and an amazing sister in Christ), Rudelynn with Merivic
    8. Alcoholism is a major problem. One reason, being that it is a black hole where money is thrown into and ener seen again. (Come on, when has been drunk ever been a good investment?) And two because people were either drunk (and I might add angry) or they were hungover (and fussy). 
Ways to pray for the Ati Tribe.
  1. Please pray for the enslavement to alcohol to be broken. That the Ati people can make their own decisions about life and not be dictated by their desire for escape. 
  2. Pray also for the new believers. That their faith be encouraged, that it grows, and that God continues to work in their lives. 
  3. Pray for more missionaries to go, and to encourage thier faith. There is a talk about building a church.
  4. Pray also for physical needs. Their livlihood is an unsteady one. The land they live on is not their own. Pray that they can develop their wood working skills and develop more souvenirs to sell.

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