Where is your faith?

Some put their faith in bracelets, that have special rocks in them to protect them from the evil spirits.

Some put their faith in the Saints, praying to them. Asking them to get God's attention for them.

Some put their faith in pendants to ward of bad spirits and bring blessings.

Where is your faith? Is it in the house that shelters you? The job that brings self worth? Self righteousness that sits so pretty on a pew? The worry that keeps you on your toes? The reputation you are working so hard to keep?

This is the truth, if your faith is not in Christ alone than it is wasted faith. 

God sent His son, to live as a man. He lived a dying life, sacrificing Himself, and being an example of how to live. Jesus came as a man to teach us to believe Him. His death brought victory. Over evil spirits. Over sin. Over death.

So, why are you wasting faith?

God does not need any help. He is who He says He is.

Through Him hope is redeemed. Faith is credited as righteousness, and love takes root. In Christ alone is forgiveness.

There is nothing bigger than my God; there is nothing better to place your faith in.

He is with me, I have nothing to fear. My faith is in Him alone. My soul is full of thankfulness tonight for this truth that brings such peace.

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