The Ati Tribe's Livelihood

The Ati's livelihood is tourism.

They have a stage on the riverfront; floating restaurants stop and let their customers off for a chance to get a pictures with the Ati Tribe. They work 6 days a week.

The put on their native wear. 
It is mostly the young adults and children who do the show.

One of them even jumps through a ring of fire.
His name is John.

Everyone wants their picture taken with them;
and why wouldn't they? They breathe fire! 

They play drums and some dance.

They catch birds and lizards to display at the show. 
Many people want their picture taken with the big lizards.

The necklace is the remains of a snake.

The owner of the floating restaurant made the stage area for them, but pays no salary or wages.
They live completely on tips. After someone pays p400 for a meal, they do not always feel so generous.

The older men make souvenirs to sell at the show.

They are also hunters (where they get their meat) and gatherers (how they get fruits and vegetables).

And that is how they make money and eat.

(In case you were wondering.)

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