Happy Farters Day!

To the best farter I know!

'I love you' is often said in my family. We are just one of those families. It might sound like we are tossing it around without a thought or a care. But trust me, when I say, when we say it -we mean it. My family is spread out...Arkansas, Mississippi, Argentina, and then me off in the Philippines. We do not take time together for granted, and we can say those three little words to each other. We do.

And that is #1 on my list of things I have learned from my father.

Me and Dad in Mtn. View
ONE. You enjoy the time you have, while you have it. When it is gone all you have is the memory of what you made the event or situation to be.

TWO. People are not paying as much attention to you, as you are. So stop worrying. And stop being paranoid. (I admit, I was out of my teens before this one hit me in the face and I realized what he was saying.)

THREE. Salvation is about love. I remember living in Hot Springs, and listening to my preach about love. Legalism is an easy trap, but it is also a nasty one. God's redemption of many is ultimately about love. God loved us first, and He is giving you the opportunity to love Him back. You who say you love Christ but are your actions speaking louder than your words?

FOUR. I want my life to be evidence not just of my salvation but of the change that it has made in my life. Christ died, so did the old me. I remember my dad preaching in Suriname about the old will. And how people try to go dig to the dump and dig it up. The old will is dirty and rotting. It smells terrible. Why when do people want to put on their old smelly lives when they are now clothed in righteousness?

FIVE. It is not about you. It is not about what you want. It is not about me. It is not about what I want. It is about God. It is about Jesus. If you love God, you will obey Him.

SIX. When I used to complain that no boys liked me, dad would say, "It only takes one." Seriously it use to drive me crazy, but guess what? Dad was right.

SEVEN. I never doubted that my dad loved me. He always told me. I never wondered if he was proud of me. There is a certain type of freedom and confidence that comes with that assurance. Dads tell your daughters you love them, because what you say defines them.

EIGHT. Think cool, be cool. Family motto. Oddly enough, it's true. Act confident and you can sometimes even fool yourself.

NINE. Love God. Love your spouse. Love your children. In that order. There is no fear of divorce in a family that loves in that order.

TEN. Humor. My dad taught me to laugh. I still think he is one of the funniest men I know...but than again I am pretty sure we tell the same jokes.

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