Pray for (another) Tatay

This is Tatay Fernando, a new believer. It was common to see him with a lizard, a snake, or some other kind of living creature. He would catch them, put them on display on the show, and then either sell or eat them for dinner.

Tatay, was married to a woman and had children with her. Than one day they decided to change spouses. He is now living with another woman and acts like a father to her children. His own children live with their mother and "step-father." He has recently learned that the "step-father" beats the son, and has molested the daughter.

I think it is easy enough to say that pain, anger, frustration, and a desire for revenge is a natural response to such a situation. Please pray that as he grows in Christ, and remembers that he himself is forgiven that he will be able to forgive.

Please also pray that God gives him wisdom. At this moment he does not have the money to travel to get his son and daughter...they are on a different island and the fare is expensive. His ex-wife has said that if he comes for the children, she is going to go with him as well. This is not what he bargained for and only adds to this complex situation.

One of the last conversations I had with Tatay, he was telling us that he drinks because his life is so bad. He said, pointing at his heart, "I know Christ is in my heart." and talked about trying to lessen/quit drinking. Please pray for him the Christian life is a hard road, not meant to be easy. Please pray that God reminds him of His love, of His forgiveness, and of the joys and peace that He brings to His children.

Thank you for praying. Remember the prayers of a righteous man are powerful and effective! God listens and lives are changed!

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