Pray for Tatay

Tatay means father and nanay means mother. These are commonly used to show respect to the elderly or the older than you.

This is Tatay Carlos and his wife, Nanay. He is the chieftain of the tribe that we stayed with. In fact we set up our tent in his front yard.

Please pray that the truth penetrates his heart, that his understanding of the Scriptures leads him to repentance, and that he makes the decision to be a leader for Christ in his community.

Pray also for his livelihood. Work is hard to come by, so he makes souvenirs to sell at the show that the Ati Tribe puts on 6 days a week. Please pray that he is able to think up new souvenirs to make and sell. And that he is able to spend his money wisely.

Thank you for praying for my new friends. Although you may not get the chance to meet them on this earth, I pray that one day we will all be rejoicing before the thrown of God. Together.

Every tribe. Every tongue. Every nation!

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