I took some time off in between Filipino and American Nehemiah Teams to visit my sweet friend Megan, who is also a journeyman here in the Philippines.

Here is some pics of our time in Naga.

Megan taught me how to make cinnamon pita chips...YUM!

We went and got pedicures... feet stay pretty dirty here so
 it was nice to get 'em good and clean.

We waged war with flying termites. Yup, it was exciting as it sounds,
This picture in no way does justice to the amount of bugs we killed.
We filled a bowl with some water, put a can in it, lit a candle and stuck it on the can. 
Turned off all the lights...it helped but the bug spray worked better. :)

I rode a skate; which is a lot like the thing the blind man 
was riding on in the movie Oh Brother Where Art Thou. It was fun. Crowded.

Surveyed some potential Nehemiah Teams sites.

Saw baby pineapples.

And had lots of fun with my good friend, Megan.

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