A Built in Best Friend

    Perhaps in true middle child form, I am being a copy cat. My little sister has been birthday blogging this summer and with the family so spread out it seems like the most practical sort of present. (No postage needed.)
    So, Cara, from one frugal sister to another Happy Birthday. If we lived closer I would babysit and force you and Chuck out on a date. (Goodness, I miss those days.)
   Because I do not possess Hannah's whimsical way with words, I am sticking to a top ten. Directly to the point full of "I love you's" and "I miss you's."

1. You were the built in best friend that God knew I needed. 

2. Ummm... who else would batik, tye-dye, and dream of other messy projects to do and then be crazy enough to follow through? The red velvet ice cream cake is one of my favorite memories...and dang tasty too!

3. You were so good at being a big sister, that I think it made me a better big sister for it. (Really, Hannah should be thanking you.) And to be honest, I love being your little sister. When mom and dad were in Suri, and we were here, it was okay, because we had each other. (P.S. Stop worrying about your mothering skills. You are one of the best out there; and I am so proud of you.)

4. I am still sorry that my dog ate your rabbit; somehow that whole incident sort of ruined me on McDonalds' Happy Meals.

5. I have not forgotten the times you stood up for me in high school. Enough said.

6. The thanksgivings at your house in Colorado, are my favorites. Because even though I missed mom and the family, I think it was those days that Chuck really became family. I would not trade that for anything.

7. People still ask me if we are twins. It still makes me laugh. (Bet you wouldn't mind it so much now!)

8. We are both turning into mom... Hannah, however is still up for debate.

9. I miss going grocery shopping with you and the boys (in Fort Worth). You would have one, I would have the other. It made grocery shopping by myself so boring.

10. You will probably make fun of me for this, just saying I know you; but that is okay with me because... I love you and I miss you. (Somethings just never change.)


  1. Copy cat! I'm still working on mine. Yours is great AND you beat me to the punch. Stinker. Love you! (And Cara Sue).

  2. Hi! I found you through Hannah. I really like your top 10. Firstly, this red velvet icecream sounds interesting...I want to know more. Secondly, your first point just brings it home. I wish my sister were my best friend. Please explain about the dog eating the rabbit? seriously?
    Enjoyed your post for your sister and I'm sure she will cherish it.


  3. This is as awesome as a post to a big sister can be. Seriously feeling touched. Hope, your sis has a great day!

  4. Thanks y'll. The cake was just a regular homemade red velvet cake but with sweet cream ice cream from Cold Stone in the middle. (Not gonna lie it was amazing.) And the rabbit and dog story might differ depending on who tells it. Basically we came home with happy meals in tow to a very happy dog and a not so happy rabbit. Not a happy moment.


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