Exam, anyone?

   Last week, one of my students came up to me, she seemed very purposeful in her approach. (I was worried, I am teaching in an educational system completely different than what I grew up in. I was given no curriculum and more often than not I'm shootin' from the hip, hoping that I am teaching what they need to learn.)

   Apparently, it was exam week. Me being the oblivious American that I am, had either not gotten the memo or had forgotten. I assured her we would have the test the following week, and than much to my horror realized that meant I had to make a test.

    Making a test is a funny task. Not too hard. But not too easy either. You have to find just the right balance. I am not sure that I found it, but I tried. Being that it is my first attempt, I hope to improve. The schools here have four test during their semester. (The semesters run June-October and November-March.) Each student has to show proof of their quarterly payment before they can take their exams. 
The truth about teaching is that I am learning as I go. I have a Masters in Christian Education that of course in no way is helping me to teach English Plus to first year college students. I am trying to bring in Christian influences as much as possible from friends guest teaching (and giving their testimony), to my students having to write and give their own testimony in class, to reading missionary bio's as comprehension activities. I never imagined I would be teaching a college class, please pray for me as I faithfully plod along (as Gramma Rosie would say, "doing the best I can") that God uses my efforts to bring glory to His name; because that is the only reason I am here.

Here's a pic of me in my class, we were going through pronunciation drills. (Not sure why I had my hand up, but I thought you might like to see my class room. I am standing in the back of the class, because I had forgotten my drill that day and was looking over one of my student's shoulders' at hers.


  1. the teacher didn't know it was exam time! only in life as a foreigner, do you find yourself in such scenarios :) i'm praying for you, big sister.

  2. Wow! I couldn't even imagine making up a test. It must be very rewarding and difficult work. Good luck! xx



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