Status Withdrawals

   Facebook is blocked on the campus. (Where I live and work.) I do not mind it so much as I mostly just use it to keep in touch with people through messaging. (Really people, all it is, is glorified email.) The one thing I miss (I should probably not be willing to so freely admit this, but oh well...) is being able to post a status. I blame social media for my generation's need to randomly announce their opinions, outbursts, and meal choices with the rest of the world.
    I used to think, I was different. There is something about removing yourself from home to find out that you are just like all those that you left...back at home. So basically, here's what I would post if given the opportunity. (Somethings are just so profound they have to be shared.)

1. Some pay days just take longer to get here than others.

2. A year is a long time. Backwards. And forwards.

3. My Fitness Pal is not actually helping me lose weight, but it is helping realize why I am not losing weight.
(And they say knowing is half the battle.)

4. I've heard talk of the cost of missions. I just didn't realize they were talking about calories. Enjoyed or not, sometimes I eat food for the sole purpose of glorifying my Father.

5. I really love Twizzlers.

6. My niece is not even one yet and she already has the pageant wave down pat. Wait, what was that? Did someone say....Miss America?

7. Toilet paper is a luxury. (One that is necessary, but all the same a luxury.)

8. I am learning graciousness. And learning there is nothing gracious about me.

9. I have already started to listen to Christmas music. Not ashamed.

10. My computer takes 20 minutes to turn on.... further proof that it hates me.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree with #1,2&9. For realz.

  2. Oh I never listen to Christmas music until the season starts...I am superstitious. I am also crazy about updating my FB status. For the longest time I resisted joining FB and now I'm hooked! xx

  3. You make me laugh and that is exactly my experience with fitness pal. I didn't really eat less; I just knew exactly how MUCH I ate. Ignorance is bliss, I tell you!!


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