Bulad, anyone?

Filipino favorite: bulad. We would call it dried fish. Saltiest thing you will eat! This picture was taken at the small market down the road from where I live.
      This is definitely a favorite here, they LOVE it. (All you New Hopers ask Chona about it!) It is literally just a fish split in half and sat in the sun to dry. They rub salt...lots of salt into it. When I am in the markets the salt is so strong that it burns my eyes and I usually have to go home and clean my contacts.
      They fry 'em up on a hot plate with a little bit of oil and just like magic have a hot meal. (Sometimes they grill them too.) To eat it, you just tear off a piece and dip it in vinegar and plop it in to your mouth with the desired amount of rice to accompany it. (This food would be way too salty to handle without rice as it's plate side friend...to me anyway!)

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