Durian, the King of Fruit

  Durian is beloved (and equally hated) fruit found in southeast Asia. It is big. It is spikey. And some say, quite stinky. (To me, it has a sweet smell, but most people say it smells rotten. Because it's odor offends so many it has topped the charts like "Forbidden Fruits.") It can grow as large as 30 cm in length and 6in in diameter and can weigh 7lbs.  

  Durian is a Philippines' favorite. If you want to make friends and a attract a crowd...a durian is a sure win ticket to unfathomable fame. (That is, if you are willing to share. And trust me, I am always willing to share!) My friend, Jessica, that just visited had trying durian on her list of things to do while here. So, I invited one of my good friends to join us and off we went...here are the pictures.
The fruit stand man was a good sport!

Top: Jessica and her Durian. Bottom: Durian for sale! Anyone brave enough?

Me and Amic, my good friend, and expert on durian!

Durian, opened. The texture is like soggy cotton. The taste is sort of
 sweet and than BAM, vomit. But that is just my opinion.

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