Echoes of the Biggest I love you

We follow a rejected man, so why do we think the way will be easy? Why do we think that His will should make us happy? Comfortable? Or safe?

We are walking behind a crucified man, so why are we so taken aback when we feel pain? Discomfort?

There are forgotten promises tucked away in Scripture. Promises of pain, frustration, and loss. The fact that so much of the Bible was written to encourage the church – why does that not clue us into what our lives should look like?

Our calling is to love even when it is hard, to give even when we want to be selfish, and to live holy even when it is the last thing we want to be doing.

If we live safeguarding our comfort, clinging to safety, and holding on for dear life to our reputation than we will miss the sweetest moments that God offers when He comforts His sheep. The precious times when we can fully see Him as our guard, our protector, and character witness, because He defends His own name. And through those times of trials His light shines through our cracked and torn lives.

I want to be clear on these three things:
Discomfort is not only for missionaries.
Tending the flock is not only the pastor’s responsibility.
Sacrifice for God’s glory is an expectation of all His children.

With every promise of pain, every warning of loss, and every frustration that is assured there is the even bigger promise of assurance that our God is bigger than the storm. He calmed the waters, do you think the waves of your life are too big for Him?

By no means, am I saying that the appearance of a Christian’s life should look war torn, frustrated, or hopeless. But in all our attempts to clean up our messes and live a neat tidy life we might be throwing the bushel over the light of God, hiding His glory.

God is less interested in the appearance of your life than you might think.

His death on the cross was the most humble act of history. It was a brutal moment of time smeared with the blood of God. His love for us brought action.

He did not save you, to spend your life looking Godly. He did not give His life so that you could perfect the Christian life. His death on the cross was the biggest ‘I love you’ ever shouted.

And that is what we are. That is what He wants us to be. Echoes of His ‘I love you.’ Echoes of His mercy.

Proclaiming loudly through even the most terrible of times the goodness of the God who died for those who had slain Him.

May our response to His love, be to share it.


  1. Um, are you inside my heart and mind right now?! Sheesh! Thank you, friend :)

  2. I needed this. Thank you :)

  3. I think we must have started this thing together and are now all at the same spot. Thankful to know I am in good company!


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