I sure wish it would happen to me.

Ten points to anyone who knows which amazing movie that line comes from.
Here's a hint, it is made by a blonde after a certain Judy and a certain Phil announce their engagement.

But, that is so not my point. It did happen to me, and I am happy (and figured it was about time) to announce my engagement to a certain good old boy back at home. (Whose name is James, in case you were wondering.)

Basically he pestered me until I finally got to know him, and found out I sort of liked him. (Okay, maybe there is more to it than that but...) The story in more detail is another post for another time. For now, here are a couple pics of the "very Lizzie" ring. Oh, and me in it.

Obviously, me being far away in the Philippines makes everything different than the average one, but I have never been one to do things the average way. So why start now, right? Like I said though, another post for another time...

The Ring

Me, a coconut, and the ring.

P.S. Happy Birthday James! Glad your mine. 

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  1. Anonymous10:28

    CONGRATS, Lizzie!!!! :) I'm thrilled for you!


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