The pomelo (a citrus fruit) is one of my favorites. We used to eat them in Suriname when I was a kid. (I always thought they looked like bowling balls!) When I found out that I was living in a city famous for them, I was ecstatic.
   They are usually pale greenish when ripe, and have a crazy thick albedo (the white padding like stuff) that makes cutting them a huge chore. It is the largest of the citrus fruit, and can measure all the way up to 25 cm in diameter.
  It is pretty amazing stuff, so when Jess came to visit I had to introduce her to it. (She loves it too!) By the way, if you want to try it and are in one of those fancy imported/international stores, I am pretty sure we Americans call it chinese grapefruits. (But if it's not the sweet variety, don't blame me!)

Here's some pics...

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