Worth the Dollar

   My love for books sort of fizzled during college and flat out died in seminary. For one, because I was having to read so many book by force of teachers and than write long boring essays to prove that I had in fact read their assigned book. And, because books are expensive! (Well, okay maybe it did not flat out die, being that Half Priced Books was one of my favorite haunts. If you have never been, you should really find one and go!)
    The Philippines must be where thrift stores send what they could not sell. I love it. I dig through deep shelves searching for anything under p40 (about a dollar) and sometimes come up with some jewels. (Although, Andrews' book was borrowed and not bought.) 
    It is amazing the things you can learn. Did you know that Shirley Temple studied dance from an incredibly early age because her mother worried she had to much energy. (The studio lied to the general public to make her sound like she had never stepped foot in a studio before.) Or that she had a movie career as an adult? Or Ginger Rogers, did you know that her actual name was Virginia Katherine McMath. (As a child she took on her step-father's last name, and her nickname was Ginger.) 
    Lauren Bacall was a surprisingly good read. I never knew that she was married to the legendary Humphrey Bogart or that after his death she dated Frank Sinatra. FRANK SINATRA! Craziness!  Julie Andrews was born Julia Elizabeth Wells, and like Rogers took on the last name of her step-father. I always assumed she came from a 'well off' and 'well to do' family -she did not.
    Okay, so maybe you can tell what kind of kick I have been on as far as books go lately, but I was (happily) surprised to find all the above books to be good reads. And the history that is in them, is amazing! Definitely worth the dollar.

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