Buried to Rise Again

Bio was buried  a Hindu like a Hindu.

And I am sure Satan is congratulated himself on once again fouling up the work of God. Funny, though he is congratulating himself on a moment when...

For the last decade Bio had devoted himself to living a redeemed life that brought honor to the ONE and ONLY, the great I AM.

My father wrote about going to the sea shore and seeing his ashes still smoldering. As jealous as I am of my father for being able to return home for a visit, that is a sight I am happy NOT to see. I know the exact place he is speaking of and I have seen a stranger burned. I have watched as a devout Hindu man turned into smoldering ashes.

I have heard the wailing. I have seen the tears. They live without hope, and they die without peace. 

I am thankful, that when the time comes and 
I meet Bio in heaven 
he will not even bear a hint of the cremation on his new body.

It is easy for me to see the tragedy of these events, and to be devastated by how things are turning out in a place that I still consider one of my homes. There have been moments of anger fists, big loud cries of WHY LORD WHY, and even a couple hand-on-hip prayers telling God- this is not turning into the story I wanted.

But, this is not my story.

And as much as I don’t understand why. And as much as my sinful self-absorbed nature wants to make it a story with a happy ending- well the problem is with my view.

Who am I to think that the story of Bio’s life does not have a happy ending? 
Who am I to ignore heaven? Who am to tell God that His story is not the way I would have written it?

I will not pretend to grasp the mind of God
but of this I am sure, HE IS GOD.

So, I lean deep into His sovereignty. I pray earnestly for His will. And I beg, if not for understanding than for peace.

They hurried through the cremation and the burial. Scared of my Father.

Satan can lie to people all he wants; but he knows the truth. And the truth he is not just scared of God. He is scared of the men of God. 
He is scared of the prayers of the righteous men.

My family has a lost a dear friend. And the selfish person that I am, I could wallow in that for days. I loved Bio, we were good friends…but yesterday God reminded me of a much greater loss. Suriname’s.

Bio was one of the few preaching God’s Word to his own people. My angry fist has been brought down, my heart convicted of a greater need than just a good friend.

Please pray with me...

Please pray that a leader will rise up and that a man of God will continue the work. This is not about my dad’s work continuing. No, this is about my Father’s heart for all peoples. This is about people living and dying with no hope.

Please pray for Chitra, that she can lean deep into His sovereignty and stand firm in her beliefs as a woman of God. That the fear of the gods of her past will not haunt her. That the temptations of this earthly world will fade in comparison to His peace and love. Pray that the Christians will surround her in community with the Body of Christ.

Please pray for my dad for the duration of his time in Suriname. He has lost a dear friend (seriously they were like two peas in a pod) and I am sure he is mentally exhausted. Please pray for good rest, and that he will be Spirit lead. That he can see clearly what God wants him to do and to speak God's Words. That he will be an encouragement to the Body of Christ there.

The spiritual battle that is raging is no joke. This is not sensationalism this is life. Everyday life in Suriname. Please pray that God's voice can be heard over Satan's loud distractions. That His truth can be seen clearly. That HIS love shared. And accepted. Please pray in Jesus' holy name that Satan will be quieted.

Please pray for Bio’s children. Vveck has taken on Bio’s job. Pray that he will be able to take that responsibility seriously and provide for the family. (The economy is bad everywhere, and it was already hard for them to get by.) Please pray for each of them to take on their father’s faith as their own. Their life has been an amazing one, a hard one- please pray that they remember their father's salvation and teachings.

Many thanks to all those have prayed throughout our friendship with Bio. His life and ministry is a beautiful example of the Body of Christ at work together for a common goal. We serve a listening and caring God, what a joy it has been to see God use people's prayers and gifts to further His Kingdom in Suriname who have never stepped foot there. Bio's work on earth is done, but God's work continues on.

God is faithful!


  1. SO heart felt and beautifully written. Love and prayers for your family and for all your requests May our Father in Heaven who is Alive forever more grant your requests in Jesus name.


  2. Praying. And you are right, though Satan appeared to have the victory, we know who's getting the last laugh around the throne of God. I'll also keep his family and people in my prayers!


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