Prayers and Praise

Yesterday day morning,  I sat journal in hand, begging God for the life of my friend. He had open heart surgery and had trouble waking up from it. (In fact, he did not wake up until two men came and prayed over him.) And now his heart is having a hard time getting back into the rhythm of beating.

Me, Hannah, and his children.
As, I sat there I had a strange sensation that the focus of my prayer was off. Frustrated (because what I want is for his heart to get back to beating) I sat a moment. Quiet. And then quite clearly I realized, I need to praise God for Bio's salvation, not sit here begging for an earthly representation of God's grace.

Why is it that so often our prayers are telling God what to do when we should  be leaning deeply into His sovereignty?

His story is a miracle.

He was the answer to quite a few selfish prayers on my part. I begged, pleaded, and whined to God- if my parents had to be so far away surely God has some sort of work up His sleeve. But it was slow work. A hard work. A tiring work. I wanted results. I am more than a little ashamed to admit my prayers focused more on results and numbers than salvations and souls.

Bio was the answer to my prayers and has always had a special place in my heart. God did have something up his sleeve and the distance between me and my parents was a small sacrifice.

The first time I met him, he spoke to me in Dutch. He went through the gospel with me, and said later he would tell me his testimony. I was taking pictures of a wedding, and I just kept saying to him, "Ik ook... Ik ook. Yes, me too." I was uncomfortable that he thought I needed saving. I learned an important lesson from him. We do not only talk about God to evangelize, we do not only go through the gospel with the lost. There is beauty in the confirmation, agreement, and retelling of the faith.  with fellow saints. In other words, I learned,  sometimes we just talk about God because we love Him.

He told my dad his life was no good before Christ. Ironic? Yes, because he gave a up a house and a nice living when he decided to follow Christ. He went from being a door-to-door gods salesman to evangelizing door-to-door. He was offered bribes to return to his former life. He was laughed at. Threatened. His life was marked by distinct change from what he had been and the redeemed life God had given him. His wife once said, that he got a lot nicer after his salvation. That always makes  me smile.

So many people have heard the truth, because of Bio.

Today, I am praising God for Bio. Thanking Him for his salvation. 

Okay, yes I am still praying for his healing BUT my priorities are realigned. I am not begging God and clinging to an earthly existence. I am praising God for Bio's spiritual healing and than asking God for a physical healing.

Ten years ago, if this was happening he would be on the verge of hell. So, if you read this and have a moment, please praise God with me.

What was lost has been found. 
What was dead has been given life. 
What had no hope has been restored. 
And what was destroyed has been redeemed.

Praise the name of the one who saves!
And what a joy it is to praise God with like-minded believers!


  1. Anonymous22:36

    Dear Liz, thank you for sharing this. It is early tuesday morning as i read this and are also confronted by my own inept prayets, my own whinning. I know i can praise God for all He is doing and has done. I don't know Bio, the subject of my prayers, but i know Jezus the reason for my praise and I will praise Jezus for what He is and has done in the live of this beautiful soul. Love you Lots Mike

  2. Anonymous05:44

    A very nice post, Lizzie. I will add my thoughts to yours for his recovery. Pax.

  3. Anonymous13:23

    Amen and amen! Love to you and yours. S.


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