A Reunion to Look Forward To

I cannot shake the sadness. Funny, how a tinge of sadness is a common companion to unspeakable joy; and how disappointment is a common companion to God’s sovereignty.

Sadness in joy because death is a part of living; disappointment because so often life is a kick in the pants, a loving reminder that God’s ways are not man’s ways.

Bio died. His earthly body just gave out. I suppose when mom said, his heart was not wanting to beat on it’s own that was a clue. But I had just never imagined this world minus Bio. I cannot begin to imagine Suriname without him.

I will not sit here and pretend to know God’s mind on this matter; the why behind the turn of events. The reason. It is one of those situations that all that can be said is, 
"I do not understand this, 
but God, YOU are sovereign."

But man, what a blessing that I knew him. What a blessing that God let him be a part of our family. I am so thankful God let us love him, because he was one of the most unloved people I have ever known.

His mother left his father. So, like any good Hindu family, his grandparent’s replaced his mother with her younger sister. Bio grew up without his own mother in the picture -in sort of a Cinderella tragedy but I guess instead of a fairy godmother he met my dad. And instead of a ball he took on a life of suffering for a cause. When he got hold of love- true never ending pure sweet holy love- he clung to it.

He was a spiritual man, in pursuit of something good. 
And praise God; Jesus had already pursued him.

His story was the opposite of what prosperity gospels preach. He became poor for Christ. Bio endured much for the cross. The way he walked with Christ was not easy; his determination to remain faithful to the one true God brought many trials.

Now, he is gone.  He is at home in heaven.
On earth a battle is raging. A fight has already been started.

“He was married a Hindu 
and will be buried a Hindu.”

That thought, is the sadness I just cannot shake. It breaks me my heart. He may have been married a Hindu, but he was reborn in the newness of Christ.

Last night I was up late praying for his wife, Chitra. She is in a scary place. And her family will do whatever they can to distract her from the truth. And Satan will do whatever he can to destroy the testimony of the man he could not destroy while he lived.

Satan is taking a low blow to the testimony 
of a godly man and hitting his wife when she is down.

I do not know how this story will unfold. I do not understand why Bio died so young. 
I do not get it; but God is sovereign.

And whether or not Bio is buried as a Hindu, I can say this with absolute assurance: Death has lost. The grave cannot hold a man found in Christ. Hell’s grip is broken on all men who have called on the name of the Lord.
Please pray with me that God will be glorified through Bio's death, as he was through his life…. 
My dad is working on getting a visa and an international drivers license today and will fly to Suriname tomorrow. Please ask for all the paperwork to get done and for safe travels. 
Please also pray that my dad will be Spirit lead. That he is able to clearly see how God wants him to obey; and that his words will be straight from God penetrating the listeners’ hearts. 
Pray for Chitra. I cannot imagine the pain of losing a spouse, and there are few to no believers in her family. Please ask God to remind her of HIS truth and that she will be able to clearly see the lies of her family. For her faith to be renewed and strengthened. 
Pray for Vvick, Ramdier, and Kaweata, Bio’s children. Ask God to remind them of their father’s testimony. They are hurting. Ask God for His comfort to be evident to them. 
Pray also with me that God reminds Chitra and the kids where Bio is now. The Hindu culture weeps at funerals, believing that they will never see that person again. (Reincarnation means the soul continues not the person.) Ask God to remind Chitra of the promises and truth of Heaven.
Thank you for your love and prayers through this time.

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  1. Lizzie,

    I wish I had better words to assuage the grief of losing such a dear friend. For what it's worth, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. You, his wife, his children, and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.



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