One Thousand Gifts

My sweet friend, Megan, read this book, One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp- said it changed her life and lent it to me to read next. 

Skeptical?  Me? Always.
But I love Megan, value her opinion, and love to read so I started the book.
And I had a pretty hard time finishing it.

Why? Well...

The story is one woman’s journey as she goes in search of joy. A friend challenges her to write 1000 things she is thankful for. So she starts. And I, ever the copy-cat, start one too. And the joy it brings is surprising!

She explains it with the story of the ten lepers. They cried out to Jesus from a distance begging for mercy. Ten were healed. Only one came back and thanked Jesus. Only one.

Jesus said to that one, “Your faith has saved you.”

The man had been physically healed by Jesus from a distance, but when he came to Jesus feet and thanked him he was healed spiritually. 

And that is why the book is sort of a hard one to finish, once you start giving thanks at Jesus’ feet you realize what a joyful place it is to be. And you do not want to leave.

This book is not just about a dare to be thankful- but a challenge to wholly trust God. Through the good. And the bad. Through the triumphs. And the failures. Even in those moments when you feel abandoned by God. Forgotten by man.

I challenge you, encourage you to take pen to paper. Start your own list and discover the joy of thankfulness and the peace that comes with trust. As you write, read the book and follow her blog and be blessed by the testimony of a woman’s honest struggle to live a holy life.


  1. I'm sure I could write 1,000 things down, but I can sum it up with one in that my wife survived two unbelievably challenging (and both different circumstances) births, and both kids made it through, too.

  2. i'm going to see if I can get this on my kindle...her blog is really pretty! i like the button you made for my blog :)

  3. Love your post, sweet friend! One of these days I'm gonna steal the book back and re-read it :) Love you to pieces!!


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