One Year Here

This time last year Megan and I were sloshing our way through the airport worn out after a long long trip.  We taxied to the guest house near the Pink Mansion and fought out jetlag at the company's guest unit.

We went to the largest mall (I think this is true) in Asia. I sort of know my way around now.

Upon arriving in Butuan, I was met by some dear sweet friends (well they are dear sweet friends now last year they were strangers) that sell coffee (you should buy some!)

There I promptly became a student again, this time of language.

I had left knowing I was saying goodbye to my grandmother, but it somehow still came as a shock to me when she died. I loved her, but I refuse to say I lost her because I know exactly where she is. (Praise God!)

In December I traveled all the way back to the god old USA to watch my baby sister become Mrs. Cantu. (Except she is still a Holmes the blogging world.) And I got to meet my precious and most adorable niece.

In January, I moved to Davao City,  and started teaching at Southern Philippines Baptist Theological Seminary, Inc.

And started mobilizing for Nehemiah Teams. (By the way: here is how to pray for NT!)

In the summer months, I spent my Filipino summer with the Ati Tribe. (I lived with fire breathing drunks- am   the only person in this world that sees how dangerous combing these two activities is?!!?)

And helped supervise two of the American teams here in Davao during the American summer.

Yup, I had two summers.

Now I am back to teaching and mobilizing.

Can't forget to mention how a boy back home talked me into marrying him. Funny how love really does happen when you least expect it. Or maybe absence really does make the heart grow fonder? Either way, I am a pretty happy girl about it.

I have eaten lots of exciting food. The infamous Durian. The smallest fish in the world. And have been reintroduced to some old favorites from Suriname like pomelo and coke in a bag.

And then, my brother in Christ was taken home not long ago. For the first time in his life his anxious heart is worry free. And his eyes are focused fully on the one who saved him, I praise God for the reunion I have to look forward to.

And that is my year in a nutshell. Full of good times, heartbreaks, and lots of love.

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