Recent Events: Antique

     Recently, as in this past weekend, I had the opportunity to visit and speak at a pastor's convention in Antique. (Pronounced, An-tee-kee.) We (Nehemiah Teams) are working towards setting a local franchise there. So, I was invited to come and share a little about what Nehemiah Teams does.
     (In case you are wondering NT is a mission sending organization that believes God can use young people for a short amount of time...like a summer...to do great things with eternal results...like plant churches.)
     As I write this a training a two day training is wrapping up today. Youth leaders (meaning young people) are being taught the logistics and details of having their own NT Franchise.
Please pray...
  •   And give thanks to our Father that there are young people that are not just interested but EXCITED about sharing Christ with their fellow countrymen.
  • Ask God, to show the leaders where the 2012 teams should be set up. And pray for open hearts and minds in the ones we will have to secure permission from to actually be able to minister in those areas.
  • Pray for the youth, that they will be faithful to obey. (One of the reasons why local franchises are so important it the simple fact that it makes total cost of the mission trip less expensive. We are not just talking buses here...we are talking islands and boats.) 
  • Pray also for the churches that are backing up the youth. That they will encourage them TO GO, TO OBEY, and to become the Christian leaders that God is calling them to be.
Left to right: {1} Rice cake, with cheese on top. (Cheese is common on sweet pastries here- in my opinion it belongs on casseroles and Red Lobster biscuits. No one asked me though.) {2} View from the van ride back to Iloilo. Morning light.  {3} TOP: Amic, my sweet friend and companion for the trip. She helps me with mobilization efforts for Nehemiah Teams. BOTTOM: Silly sign at the Iloilo airport. (Pronounced Ee-low ee-low. I makes the long e sound here.) {4} Me and Amic. It was her first time to fly! {5} The bucket that about 30 women shared to bathe in. And finally, {6} Heading back to Iloilo from Antique where the pastor's convention was held to catch a flight so I could head on to Manila.

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