Recent Events: Manila

     In Manila, I with my friend, Cecila set up a booth at a church that was having a missions fair. We talked to some young (and some old) about Nehemiah Teams. And spoke in the church's evening service. 
Later we met with a youth leader about different opportunities to mobilize in the Luzon franchise. (Basically meaning northern Fil.)
   Please pray that God uses these events and meeting to bring him glory and for (of course) kingdom expansion!

Left to Right: {1} Nehemiah, the person. He was adorable, and at first we did not believe him that his name really was Nehamiah. {2} Merienda, on Sunday afternoon. I can not remember the name, but it is soooo yummy. Served warm, and has cassava, sweet potatoes, jellies (like from Zagu's), bananas, and rice balls- not sure what else. Perfect for a cold rainy day. {3} A box, also known as an Asian suitcase. Except this one had leaves poking out of it. {4} Cecilia and I, in front of our table display. {5} Mall of Asia. Pretty sure it is the largest mall in Asia.

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