A Tribute to Teachers

It is a funny thing to be a teacher: writing lesson plans, making tests, and grading a seemingly never ending pile of papers. It happened a little unexpectedly in my life and in all honesty I feel ill equipped for the task at hand. (I moved around so much, that grammar and I never became all that friendly with each other; and now I am teaching it!) True to my grandmother’s mantra, ‘I’m doing the best I can!’ and hoping that the end result is learning.

There are three women in my life who taught me more than academics. They gave their time, their love, and in the end they gave themselves.

Miss Ballenger made sure that I conquered reading. It was not an easy task. I am sure it was not always much fun for her; but I learned. Awhile back she was interviewed for her part in fight against the genocide in Darfur. She is a fighter….a crusader for the underdog. I am so thankful God gave her to me to fight for me, because in all honesty I had given up on learning how to read already. (Twenty years later, and one of my favorite past times is sitting down with a good book, to the now Mrs. Reilly I sincerely thank you.)

Mrs. Logan, a tall woman from Chicago sweated through a year of teaching in Suriname. She made learning fun. I loved being in her class. She introduced me to Beatrice and Ramona! But I also loved not being in her class…you see she taught me (my still all time favorite) card game. Hand and Foot. The game taught me (Math and me were not and never have been on friendly terms!) negatives. Strategy. And even social skills. I sat and played with the adults. What confidence I lacked, I learned through that game. She was my friend. She helped me see that I could be what I wanted, not just what I had to be. (Jeanne, thank you for being more than you had to be!)

And then there was the dear lady, Mrs. Branum, my brick wall. She knew I was just bopping along and that I needed some extra attention. I had recently returned to America and was caught up in some good old re-entry shock. I was unsure of where I belonged, and in desperate need of some glasses. I am still not sure of why she choose to love me, but she did. And I am a much better person for it.

These women mean more to me than I can ever put into words.  Because of their faithfulness in obeying their own calling –they played a vital role in equipping me for mine. Now it is my turn, I am equipping students. I am encouraging them. Challenging them. Bringing confidence to them.

I am thankful for these woman not just because of what they did for me personally -but because of the example they set for every life that they touched. 

How good is our God that He allows us to serve one another? 
And through that service glorify our maker! 

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  1. i don't remember all these teachers but definitely remember you talking about each of them all while we were growing up. i always admired them just from listening to you talk about them. :)


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