Culture. and Flexibility.

I did not come to the Philippines to become a Filipina. If by picking up habits of my host culture I will be more effective by all means I will do what I can to be as effective as I can. I refuse however to bend over backwards to appear as though I am something that I am not. At some point missionaries have to stop trying to be cultural. If you can aclimate perfecty hooray for you! If you cannot, then that does not make you less of a missionary. Being all things to all people does not mean that you put on a show of culture. There is no use pretending to be a jock, when you are really just the waterboy. Be the best waterboy you can be. Serve hard. Be a friend. Be yourself.
Be flexible in everything except in your persistance to preach the truth of God. Missions is not for the confident it is for the Spirit lead. (In truth, the confident are often the first to go home.) Sometimes the best thing you can do is shut up and let God talk. One of my common prayers is that God would open my mouth with His words and to shut it when no words are needed. The only confidence that has yet to do me any good is confidence in my God.

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