Home Again, 1945

  My gramomma told the best stories. She just had a way with words. Her eyes would light up at the exciting parts her tone of voice would change at just the right moment to move with the mood of the story. We would snuggle up in bed and she would remember, the older I became the more I could remember with her. I loved those moments with her, it was so fun to imagine her as a child running through fields, burning her bottom, and one of my favorite the stories of the day my mom was born.

   Today my memory is when my grandad came home from the war. Rosie had followed him to his different posts in the States but when he had to go on tour outside of America she went back home to Arkansas to wait. (They had already been married, which is another of my favorite stories.)

     I had to write my cousin to help me remember and her version made me laugh! So thankful for shared memories...

   It was a hot day, and she was not expecting him to be home yet. Grandad had gotten to leave early, so when she heard her roommate yell, "Richard's home! Richard's home!" She just ran out to meet him she was so excited he was home...with only her slip on!

    My pretty cousin, added that once after Gramomma had finished telling the story, Grandad looked up at Pretty Cousin's husband and said, "I didn't mind." She said even though Parkinson's had mostly taken his smile away, in that moment he smiled really big!

   Smiles from Grandad were a treasure. Not because he was a stern man, but because at the end of his life his muscles just did not obey him. But oh when he smiled, the room lit up. His brown eyes would shine, and everyone would smile with him!

P.S. Happy late birthday to my pretty cousin!!!


  1. What a great story to treasure :)

  2. Anonymous03:47

    Thank you for your birthday wishes!!! With holidays here memories of our grandparents stories & traditions come flooding my mind not a day goes by without something reminding me of them! Love you Lizzie from your pretty cousin.


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