Praise God Together

   I had decided that I wanted my students to keep a journal. Writing down their responses to class time discussions while the memories and opinions were still fresh. And like sometimes happens, I had a strong desire to do something. 
I really wanted to buy the journals for them. I told God this. And asked if he could please help me find something-ahem, you know...dirt cheap affordable. 
   And you know what? I found lil notebook things that work perfectly on sale. For p10. (I think that is about a quarter and I only have 8 students.) So today, I am thankful for the little things God gives. 
   What little thing are you thankful for? Share it so we can praise God together!

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  1. i love the super man journal. so fun. i am thankful that i got to decorate a christmas tree today. :) (the one in mississippi, not the one at home. yet.)


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