Prayer Support. and Missions as a Discipline.

Prayer support often gets pushed to the sidelines. (And is not considered to be real ministry.) Missionaries get too busy for updates. TOO BUSY TO ASK FOR PRAYER? Are you crazy?  Do not complain to me about people at home not understanding your work unless you are faithful to explain it. And don't you dare tell me they have forgotten you unless you have been good to remind them. Do you not realize the weapons we fight with are not of this world? What on earth do you think God gave us prayer for? You think those updates are not important? If all you want is a "God bless so and so." good for you that is all you will get. I want more than that. And now I will step off my soap box so that I can step onto another one.
Missions is a taught discipline. So start teaching your children already! Ignorance of need is a sad excuse. Start small teaching your children to serve others. Do not just pack boxes -put a face on it. Go to a soup kitchen, find the homeless, go the hospital... needs are everywhere. Teach your children to identify needs and to thoughtfully meet them. Teach your children to talk about God. How He saved them. What He's teaching them. Teach your children how to be a Christian and you might just be surprised how well they turn out. (But don't shove it down their throats, good grief when did shoving something down someone's throat do any good for anyone?) 

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