For Now. Sacrifice. and A Friend Like Christ.

Missions is not for later it is for now. Stop acting like you are preparing for something really big when you are even being faithful in the small things. Stop preparing for war, look around, you are in the middle of battle! What does God want you to do today? If you wait for tomorrow than you are already behind.
There is no use in unnecessary sacrifice. If you are going to give something up do it because it will help you to become holy. If you are going to start something do it because of the doors it will open for sharing the gospel. If you are going to move do it out of obedience. Sacrifice for the sake of saying "Oh how I have sacrificed." is not holy. It is prideful deceit. And why be proud and miserable? The humilty that brings holiness also brings peace, hope, love, and joy even during the darkest of nights.
Missions is about an intimate, deep, holy, and loving relationship. If we are going behind the cross- if we are upholding Christ as our example than holding people at arms length does not work. If we are unwilling to be a friend like Christ was, why did we even bother going? If you leave your comfort zone, only to go and create another a thousand miles a way you might have a problem. If the greatest act of friendship is laying down one's life- than our lives should be testimony to that fact. From the smallest teeny-tiny moment  of displeasure or discomfort to the days on end of what seems like endless sacrifice and discomforts; we are called to live out love. Our lives and relationships should be a living testimony to the character of God and the kind of friend that Jesus is to us.

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