Gift Giving. Christmas Cheer.

   I love Christmas. I love the excuse to go and buy presents. Actually love might not be a strong enough word for it. I enjoy the figuring out what would be the perfect gift for the so-and-so in my life. For me it is not about the commercialism of Christmas. It is about showing that someone, not just that I like them enough to give them something, but that I love them enough to show them by giving them something special.
   Because it really is the thought that counts. And a thoughtful gift is a beautiful thing. Gift giving is a funny tradition. Have you ever thought about what companies are profiting from Christ's birth? 
   I am not saying that gift giving is bad. Not at all. And I most likely never will. (Some families forfeit gift giving to do something for someone else. That is great. That is just so not me.) But, I am saying that we as a community of believers should make an effort when we can to give gifts that profit missions. That benefit the Christian community as a whole. 
    I have looked around a bit. And am sharing my favorites with you. I love. love. love the idea of a gift that inspires holiness throughout the year. Or that profits missions. Or that allows an artisan in Bethlehem to feed his family. 
   I like the idea of helping out a fellow believer. I love the idea that buying coffee (Which is a necessity for living, right?) funds (by giving a portion of the profit made to Lottie Moon) kingdom expansion. We are a family us believers, and this is a way for us to help our sisters and brothers all over the world. 

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