Giving Like the Widow

Anytime I leave campus I have the option to take a pedicab (a motorized tricycle) for p10 (About 25 cents.) I can ride to the crossing to catch a jeepney to town. Cheap right? And if you do not go up/dpwn the hill (the school’s entrance is a gate, once you pass through it- it’s pretty much up from there) the price is cut in half to p5.

I have a budget for work related travel (Such a blessing, a big THANK YOU to all those who have given to Lottie Moon!). So it would be really easy for me put my lazy bottom on a tri and get reimbursed. (I will be honest, on the rare occasions that I am alone and getting home after dark, that is exactly what I do. Although I have never felt unsafe here, I have never found the feeling of safety a good excuse to be stupid.)

I am very thankful for the money that American churches have worked hard to give, and want to responsible with that money. I am not saying that I am going to start walking everywhere in an attempt to save (this city is massive) but lately God has been impressing on my heart how important it is to pinch pesos- or pennies in order to give back to Him.

I use to work at a big church with a huge Lottie Moon goal. Usually one or two well off people would come in with an impressive size check and the goal would be if not be met- would be a dang lot closer. I wish I could do that, but my checkbook does not allow for much impressing… my dad always says, “You cannot out give God.” He is right, and as I sat down to think about my Lottie Moon gift this year I realized something else. You cannot impress God with your checkbook. It is all just pennies to Him!

My point is this: What gift is too small for God? (What gift could be big enough?) So I save a few bucks of my travel budget a month. Big whoop. It is not a matter of quantity it is a matter of conviction. It is less a matter of giving and more of obedience.

Funny, how it is our nature to think BIG, and yet God is constantly bringing us back to the small things.

In truth, we should all seek to please God not impress Him. We should strive to obey Him not just guess at what we think He would like us to do. We should love Him so much that we do silly things that seem to not have much of an outcome- like saving cents with the hopes of financing the expansion of the Kingdom of God!

God does not need our money, but He wants our obedience.

God continually has been leading me back to the story of the widow. She gave out of her poverty (Mark 12ish, read it!) she gave all she had. She gave in faith that God would provide for her, and that obedience to His commands were more important than protecting her own welfare. She gave with expectance that God would do a mighty work with very little money.

I love this story because it is one of faith. And honestly, I can relate to a person that to give a little meant that it would hurt a lot. My gift will be a small one; but my faith is in a BIG God.

Dear friends, when you think about your gift to Lottie Moon this year give with conviction and with full faith that God is and will continue to do a mighty work all over this world. Your gifts bring glory to God’s name, not because you gave so much but because of the faith that accompanies your gift.

This year do not impress Him with the amount, but please Him with your obedience. Give out of your poverty with expectant faith.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder of giving out of obedience. Our Church kicks off its Lottie Moon thrust this Sunday.


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