Merry Christmas Snapshots

From left to right and top to bottom. (1) A hand painted Christmas sign from a sweet friend, The Meganator. Check out her blog, she's got a pretty sweet job. (2) A plant all decorated for Christmas! Gotta love the Philippines. (3) Megan and her Christmas present. Forgot to buy wrappings so had to draw my ribbon and bow on straight on to the box. (4) A pretty cathedral in Cebu. (5) Christmas tradition, FRIED APPLES! So much yumminess. (5) An ornament. (Surpried, aye?) (6) Me and Megan. We are sporting Christmas bows given to us by one cute Hagen, whose parent's job is pretty sweet. You can check out their blog here. (7) Balloons are sold in front of the cathedrals. Interested contrast if you ask me. (8) A guy taking a nap. (9) A bin full of candles. (10) Me and Megan. Again. (11) Candles burning in front of the cathedral. (12) A very tall Christmas tree. Like 4 stories of a mall tall. 


  1. Wow looks like it was a great Christmas.

  2. Thanks y'll! It was a surprisingly great Christmas. :)


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