My Yesterday. Your today. At least for the moment.

   Today my friend Amic and I went to a youth camp and were guest lecturers. Lecturing is not really my style thought so, I am not sure what I would call what I did. But I did something.
   To start off with we asked for 8 volunteers. We put them in a straight line and gave them each a Bible verse to read aloud. Once they had read their verse they could remain standing ONLY IF they had a fish on their piece of paper. (BTW all the volunteers as a whole were representing all of the Philippines.)
   At the end of the activity only one student remained standing.
   Since beginning my work with Nehemiah Teams, I have read the book of Nehemiah more than I had in my entire life. I love how God's Word is new with each reading and teaching. Today, I was struck by the remnant. The thread of hope. 
    A wise man once said that God is not looking for a BIG FAITH but even a little faith in a BIG GOD. That is what that remnant was. It was a barely there speck on a terrible moment.
   This struck me as huge today. Why? Because all we are is a barely there speck, but you know what? With a little faith God can use us! It is easy to read the Bible and forget that the great heroes of faith are nothing more than scared men who put a little faith in a great big God.
    So, today I guess, I am encouraging you to be a little man with a little faith in a GREAT BIG HUGE AND AWESOME GOD. Because, ya know the whole faith of a mustard seed thing.
Faith grows right into actions. 
And God wants to use YOU! 
Go ahead and have a little faith!

As far as the pics go: Left side- (TOP) The volunteers and their Bible verses. (MIDDLE) I am not sure I want to know what I said to make them laugh. (BOTTOM) Me, scared to death that the owner of the pedicab would come out and yell at me to get off. Right side- (TOP) Volunteers listening to instructions. (BOTTOM) The only one. (For the stat to have been perfect I actually needed almost half a person but not exactly half a person. For illustrative purposes though it gets the point across.)

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