New Year Giveaway.


You know, this is a pretty exciting time, so I figured why not celebrate it? So I am celebrating with the hap-happy happiest New Year Giveaway. The winner will receive a set of white freshwater pearls straight from the islands of the Philippines. (Studs, bracelet, and necklace.)
To enter, you must be a public follower of The Same Plate* via Google Friend Connect and leave a comment on this post. (Make sure the comment has your name in it and if you want to tell me your New Years resolution too, I'd be glad to read it.)
*Which is where you are now- you can either look to your left and find where it says JOIN THIS SITE, click on the FOLLOW button that is on top left side of the page near the little orange blogger logo and the search field, or you can FOLLOW BY EMAIL on (you guessed it) the left sidebar.
For extra entries, you can...Follow my new blog, LizzieRoe (documenting all the fun of planning for my upcoming big day) publicly, via Google Friend Connect.
Post a link on your blog/share on Facebook. Just make sure you add a comment for each extra entry.

 The winner will be announced sometime on January 7th. 


  1. I just followed you! New Year's Resolution? Focus more on the positive despite whatever circumstances are going on around me! And, extreme goal, become a published writer!

  2. Hi Lizzie! I'm excited to see your other blog as well as this one! I'm continuing to lift you up as you serve and love reading your posts as you challenge and share with us all! I'm still thinking about my resolution(s) and/or goals...but thankfully I still have a whole day to think!

  3. Hey Miss Lizzie! Thank you for your interest in my Resolution! What a fun game! I read your blogs on FB, but had no idea I how to "follow" them. I learn something new everyday. How exciting!!
    I'm having trouble with a New Year's Resolution. I'd like to say that my resolution is to become more humble in my thirst for knowledge and experiences - that I open myself up to learning (like I did with your blog). However, goals aren't attainable unless they are quantifiable, and I have no idea what measuring stick I would use for such a task. Perhaps you have some ideas?
    The goal, here, is that I'd like to be humble in all aspects of learning - at my job, in my tennis game, in my interactions with family and friends and in the direction my life should take. So it seems I have 15 hours to prepare a plan. Wish me luck, and suggestions are welcome. Happy New Year!! ~ Anne Cox

  4. Hello! I have been reading your blog for a while, and I just thought I'd take a shot at these lovely pearls. Happy new year, and congrats on your engagement!
    -Ellen Phillips

  5. I'm a follower :) Love your blog!

  6. Followed! My new year's res? To be the WORLDS BEST GIRLFRIEND!! ...or something like that.

  7. Hi my lizzard!!! if i win can i wear my pearls to your wedding? :)

    I actually wrote my resolution out last night. "Make every effort to see each person i encounter as a precious child of God an to treat them in a manner that expresses as much...This includes coworker, strangers, people in cars, people on facebook, etc. Make a particular point of unselfish, sincere, fervent prayer for someone each day who is not on my "normal" prayer list."

  8. Followin' along! Just found you through HannahjHolmes. :)

    My new years resolution... how about creating better house-keeping habits. May my home be clean and welcoming!

  9. I wrote a post about my resolutions which you better read because you love me. And I follow you on like everything you do on the internet. But I'm not a stalker. Promise. :)

  10. I'm also following your new blog!

  11. I'm following you on GFC :)

    One of my goals is to be more patient

  12. I also follow your new blog LizzieRoe


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