Preliminary Examinations and Ants, Oh My!

     Christmas break has begun on campus, well sort of, a few Christmas parties and then BREAK! I am really enjoying teaching something I can get passionate about (I mean Mass Comm and the Gospel, IN ONE CLASS? Yeah, I can easily get overly excited about that.) but am still really thankful for the Christmas holiday. And the break that it means. 
   Today was exam day. In my opinion exams are the most frustrating part of teaching. I want everyone to make a 100% and no one to complain about how hard it is. But then again, I do not want to be known for being easy either. It is a fine line. One that I am not sure I will ever figure out. 
It made me laugh when I was given my exams after they were photocopied. Ants are everywhere in this country. And hard t get rid of- this daredevil got caught in the photocopier. It made me laugh when I saw it, but then forgot about it. Handed it out to the students this morning without a thought to it. 
   Then tonight, (that is right given AND graded in one day!) I burst out laughing at a student's thought about the 'poor ant.' 
I am glad for little bits of humor because.... 
On daaaaaaays like this.
Ohhh on daaaaaaaaaays like this.  
 I need the Lord TO HELP ME! 
(How do you spell a grunt like sound, anyway?) 
Does anyone else know that song? Because it is a family favorite.


  1. I LOVE that song! And the ant is stinkin hilarious!! Love you, chica! Can't wait for Christmas :)

  2. In high school my teacher was grading at home when her dog peed on the stack of our tests. She ended up laminating the stained exams and still handed them back to us :)

  3. Is...is that an ant photocopy? Poor ant.

    Grunt? How about "Mmpph"?


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